Lighthouse Recruitment - a place where recruitment meets marketing.

We are a creative recruitment agency. We not only find the right people but also build candidates' involvement and create campaigns, which attract the best. Lighthouse Recruitment is more than just recruitment, it is a guarantee of your positive image as an employer as well as confidence of your employees competence.

How can we help you?

  • Employees recruitment

    Our ability to find employees can impress. It is the same with our understanding of client's business and needs. You must be prepared for a long-term relationship with us, because we know it from our experience that our clients become attached to us. ;-) Check what we have prepared for you now.

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  • Recruitment marketing

    Unconventional and innovative approach towards work lies in our nature. If you are also this type of a person for whom creation is not only your wife's dress, use our creative forms of recruitment. Stand out from a crowd of your competitors attracting the attention of the most demanding candidates.

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  • Employer branding

    Employer branding is not a single voice, it is a collective tale, which engages people and makes it that the candidates want to work for you exceptionally. Together we will discover the strength of your brand and we will build your professional image on the working market.

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We appreciate other people's help. That is why everyone who recommends us their friend will get 1000 zl in return. Check out which positions are covered with the reference program.

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